This page is a brief summary of projects that are happening at the Kyabra Learning Centre (Kentucky, NSW). There are past, present, future and dream projects that we hope to implement included in the lists below.

Planning SummerFest 2012

Planning SummerFest 2012

A white ant (termite) mound - white ants are so amazing! I thought they demonstrated an excellent completed project, smile.

A white ant (termite) mound – white ants are so amazing! I thought they demonstrated an excellent completed project, smile.


Most Projects listed have a link or directions to a more detailed blog page (on this blog) with Photos and information for your perusal if you desire to see and find out more information. Please feel free to contact us via email with any questions or queries you may have.

2013 Projects

Things we would like to do this year. All have yet to be begun and/or completed over 2013.

2012 Projects

2011 Projects

Future Projects and Dream Projects:

  • Growing a Personal Relationship with God (ongoing Journey)
  • Movable, on site breeding and education aviaries
  • Endangered flora and fauna regeneration projects
  • Education Programmes for children, young people and adults
  • Community centred events
Please feel free to contact us via email if you desire about anything you read or see on this blog, or if you have any questions at all about what we are doing or desire to do.
Collecting food for the Living Fertility Systems

Collecting food for the Living Fertility Systems

NOTE: We get pretty excited these days about God, Love, Divine Truth, growing a relationship/friendship with God and living the principles of Love and Truth. At times we are challenged and at times get side tracked, but we always seem to come back to all the amazingly beautiful gifts, what we see in nature and things we have learned and just get excited again about God and what an amazing system he has created for us to become at-one-with-her. How cool is that.
So far there has been only one person in the history of the world while on Earth who has become Christed (at-one-with-God) and that is Jesus (there are many in the spirit world who have now done so also). Jesus, also known as AJ, and his soulmate Mary are back on the Earth Plane with the desire to show anyone with the desire to know the method that they have found for anybody to become at-one-with-God which is possible while still on Earth.
This sounds pretty exciting to us so we are experimenting to see if it is true. We still have our doubts but we also get excited about it and feel it would be super duper cool!
AJ and Mary have given us much council, guidance and many new ideas on implementing the principle of Divine Truth and Love in our personal lives and on the land. We are so grateful for their support and friendship in leading a revolution in love in their hearts and how that is affecting the world, we are inspired that we can do it also as can you and anyone else with a pure desire to grow towards a personal relationship with God.

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