'Octoberfest' - Namoi CMA Project 2011

We feel that God has created an entire universe full of beautiful, delightful wonders all just waiting for us to explore and discover. The more of God’s Love that we have within our soul’s the more we can explore and discover.

Living Fertility Systems

God has designed her universe as a learning discovery centre and part of this is experimentation. We are beginning to realise that there are not ‘knowledge’ based mistakes, really this whole life is all one big experiment. Every question has an answer,  every ‘problem’ has a solution it is just a matter of discovering it.

We are seeing that our fears, beliefs and emotions that are not in harmony with God’s Truth are affecting the environment around us (often negatively) and so we are experimenting with how we can grow our Soul’s, partake in the Great Experiment (receiving God’s Love into our Soul) and documenting the changes that take place.

This is a new, exciting experiment and process and we hope to transition from where we are now to creating God’s Garden on Earth.

You can check out the experiments we have or are engaging in so far by clicking the subpages that show up when you put your mouse over the ‘experiments’ heading in the title bar at the top.

'Octoberfest' - Namoi CMA Project 2011

If you are interested in engaging some of these experiments yourself, go to ‘HOW TO’ under ‘PROJECTS’ static page.

We wish you fun and pleasure as you engage your passions, desires and experiment for yourselves!

P.S. we often find that through engaging our passions and desires it exposes a lot of frustrations, false beliefs, sometimes emotional pain and various issues from the past. We find having a good cry, rage or tantrum when things don’t go as planned is a really great release and often offers new found inspiration afterwards. We encourage you to feel your way through the process and not to give up.

If at first you don’t succeed, have a cry and keep on experimenting.

Be open to inspiration and take those risks that others may think are ‘nonsense’ ‘silly’ or for ‘dreamers’. I reckon God made us full of dreams and that every dream can be created.

Link to What is Divine Truth? Press highlighted words.

'Octoberfest' - Namoi CMA Project 2011